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Media Mentions

Newspaper article

BM MaR 2021 clip.jpg

"Two individuals explore sustainable fashion to make Singapore's fashion industry more environmentally friendly"

Newspaper article

BH Feb 2022.jpg

"Fashion needs to be aligned with environmental conservation"

Newspaper article

BH Aug 2020.jpg

Former madrasah student turned fashion designer, wishes to spread a message on enrironmentalism

Newspaper article

BH May 2014 clip.jpg

"Former madrasah student showcases Modest fashion in international limelight"

Website feature

Youthtopia May 2020.jpg

"Local fashion brands to check out for your stay-at-home Hari Raya"




Mentor on fashion reality show

so stylo.jpg

"12 amateur fashion designers showcase their talents in the new reality competition So Stylo!"

Website feature

hhwt Dec 2017.jpg

"10 Singaporean Fashion Labels That Prove That Modesty Is Stylish Too"

Guest speaker on Singapore Writers Festival 2021: Fashion for Good


This panel examines narratives and perceptions of fashion consumption in Singapore, and considers the actions we can take to change shopping habits and mindsets for accessible and sustainable fashion.

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